An aircraft doesn't know its over water. The pilot does. An analogy for digital disruption

Ever since I was a young kid, I've always wanted to be a pilot.

Maybe it was the romance or the sense of adventure that wooed me.

I never did quite make it as a professional pilot, however!

In 2001 I was determined to "scratch that itch" and started out on the road to get my Private Pilot's Licence ( PPL).

I went through the highs and lows of first solo, cross-wind landings, first cross country and then the moment when I got my licence!

I remember on one particular occasion preparing for a flight that would include a portion of the flight over water. Naturally this brought up more flight planning, equipment, notifications etc.

I also started to notice an extra anxiety within myself about flying over water and I was almost beginning to talk myself out of the flight.

An old pilot at the club picked up on this and said;

"Mate, the aircraft doesn't know its over water".

This got me thinking....

The aircraft wasn't going to act any differently whether it was over land or water.

It wasn't going to start flying left all of a sudden as soon as we crossed from land to water.

It was my response to the situation that caused the anxiety.

Digital Disruption. Change is the new normal.

I recently started thinking about this past experience in relation to digital transformation.

With digital transform it feels like we are going to have unprecedented opportunity like we have never had before.

Technology will continue to accelerate at the rate it has over the last 40 years.

Do you think we will be reflecting in the coming years with the following sadness...

"We couldn't get that amazing artificial intelligence (AI) technology to work because we couldn't get Server 1 to connect to Server 2".

Of course we won't. We'll figure the technology out.

Are we ready?

As individuals, are we prepared for digital transformation within the companies we work with?

Do we have the right mindset and skills required to work through constant uncertainty?

As technology leaders who often push change out to others, are we ready for change?

We're not talking about more I.T. or more technical skills.

Change is everywhere and often out of our control.

How do we choose to respond to the situation?

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